The project is a multi-media collaborative mural project (integrating mosaic, painting and 3D elements) that will involve primary and secondary students from the Cayo District and Galen University as well as community members.

Everyone will have a voice, as artists, students, teachers and community member’s ideas will be integrated into the mural’s final design.

The wall will be transformed into a beautiful work of art created by the community. Hosting open meetings about the content, as well as sending students into the community to talk with residents about what they would like to see painted as part of the mural, will ensure that this Mural is for and about the citizens of Cayo. Painting will begin in the spring of 2015 and installed by the end of the summer.

The final theme for the artwork will express a positive and uplifting message, while addressing social concerns presented by the community.  Our hopes are to incorporate imagery and themes that are different from the other existent mural projects in the area.


By incorporating and expressing ourselves through the arts we can encourage positive attitudes within our global and local communities, fostering pride and a sense of public responsibility.